100 Trapped Horses Couldn’t Make It Out Of That Island. Now Wait Till You See What 7 Women Do!

This video below features a tragic incident which took place in Netherlands back in 2006. A group of about 100 horses got stuck on a small piece of land after a heavy storm fell over in a small village called Marrum. For 3 days, these horses were stranded on the lowland knoll. There was barely a place to stand on that piece of land. Almost immediately, people gathered to help these poor horses but unfortunately they could only save few foals at the first try with the boats.

19 of the horses had already died because of the storm and people didn’t want any more casualties. That is why, they fed the trapped horses with the help of boats while they brainstormed about the rescue ideas. At the same time, a post appeared in social media asking for some horse riders and horses who are not afraid to water. 7 women responded to the request and gathered to save these poor horses.

Watch this heart racing rescue in the video below. What do you think about the rescue? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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