15-year-old dog heartbroken after family abandons her & takes a younger dog home

Dogs are a man’s best friend. There is no other animal that can ever replace the bond that humans and dogs share. Dogs are fiercely loyal, loving, compassionate, protective, obedient, and the list stretches forever. However, there are some deranged people I this world. People that don’t value such an amazing creature. People that take dogs for granted. And worse of all people that abuse animals.

This video is a rather heartbreaking one as it features a crying dog. The afore mentioned dog is a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel named Cookie. Cookie was abandoned by her family in a shelter. The worst part of this ordeal is that they left her there while promptly walking out with a new puppy. The amount of sorrow the dog feels watching this is incomparable to anything else. As the cocker spaniel cries out so does our hearts and soul. Thankfully, cookie was adopted shortly after and is living the rest of her days with a family that actually appreciates and loves her.

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