This 2 Yrs Old Poses As A Salesman. But What He Says To THIS Customer Is Just HILARIOUS!

What would you do if a 2 yr old little salesman knocks on your door and tries to persuade you to buy a magazine that you don’t even need? Well… I don’t know about others but I definitely won’t be able to refuse his request. This man in the video below is facing the similar situation. He can’t be rude to this kid and doesn’t want to buy the magazine as well. But what this kid does at the end left me in hysterics.

This video is actually a short film titled “Door To Door Salesman” where this little kid named Cole is posing as a salesman. He is really good at his job and knows how to persuade his customers. And if people are not persuaded, he goes as far as to ‘blackmail’ them in the most adorable way possible.

I would never let go of this little salesman if he ever came to my door. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments below!

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