It Was A Normal Day At The Beach – Until A Tourist Caught THIS Emerging From The Water! Shocking!

Water eco-system is really incredible. It is completely different than land eco-system. It may also be the reason why we are really enthralled by ocean and the aquatic animals living inside. This video below features one of the most unusual and rare event which was unintentionally captured by a tourist. You’ll be blown away by this!

Everyone was enjoying the clam day at the beach in Arraial do Cabo in Brazil. But moments later, this cameraman spotted something astounding emerging from the ocean. It was pod of dolphins, around 30, headed straight to the shore. These dolphins were stranded on the harsh beach while they struggled to get back to the waves. At first everyone was stunned and didn’t know what to do. But what every tourist around the area did next will shock you!

Watch this unbelievable video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know via comments!

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