She Starts Filming Her 5 Birds. But When One At The Far Left Does This, You’ll Be In Hysterics!

What do you do when you are in a bad mood and are in search to lighten things up? For be an adorable animal video is the best option. There are many cute animal videos on the internet to choose from now-a-days. This video below is one of them! If you like birdies and find them adorable, then you should definitely watch this clip below!

The following footage features five little birdies standing a top of a cute peapod toy. Mom calls them “five peas in a pod”. They are just 5 weeks old and just adorable. These birds are very gentle and disciplined. While mom films them, they stand silently. Mom then scratches their head one by one, but apparently not every one of them like it. The little blue bird on the far left hates it when mom treats him like a kid. What he does to show his dissatisfaction? This is hilarious!

This cute video just made my day even better. Did this make you smile? Do let us know in the comments!

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