A Poor Dog’s Journey. You’ll Get Teary Eyed!

Dogs are our pets and some consider them as family. But why there are still people who took them for granted, some hurts them. This pet should be loved because they can love you back as well. It’s so hurting seeing a dog on the street, so weary and in pain like Pumpkin.

They were found in a sidewalk, he only has few hairs because of chemical burnt and has been shot by BB pellet gun. Together with him was a little puppy, covered with fleas, unweaned and dying. They were found by someone who posted in social media and because his post was so offensive, the local dog rescue volunteers were alerted and found Pumpkin. Doctors and nurses tried their best to keep them both alive but only Pumpkin survived. The BB pellet was taken out of his body and after a few weeks of rehabilitation, he is now a happy dog.

Share and comment down in this video. You’ll be touched of Pumpkin’s story!

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