6 Yr Old Was Caught Doing This To Her Horse In The Camera. I Still Can’t Believe It!

When Addison Valley stepped into the earth, her parents never thought that she would be an inspiration to every horse riders in the world. But as soon as Addison was 3 yrs old, she decided to become one and trained along with her horse. Within three years, Addison was able to enthrall the world and also win a lots of medals while performing with her pony.

Addison’s partner in crime is Puff, this magnificent 16 year old pony featured in the video below. Addison loves Puff and Puff loves her back as well. Each day, Addison trains with Puff, and pampers him by brushing him. Puff in turn obeys everything Addison says. Wait till you see them train in the video below. This will blow your mind!

This little girl sure is going places. What are your thoughts about this video below? Drop your comments in the section below!

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