She Refused To Give Up On This “Dangerous” Horse. But Then? This Left Me In Tears!

Alycia Burton drew the attention of people all over the world when pictures and videos of her jumping on a horse bareback and bridle less surfaced on the internet. It might sound like an exaggeration to say that horses saved Alycia Burton’s life but the work she does of helping rehabilitate “dangerous” horses has actually given her a new outlook on life and we can’t deny that.

She travels all over New Zealand training these horses. According to Free Riding, she doesn’t rely on any specific training methods having learned her skills from hands-on experience with the horses. She always connects with the traumatized horses she rehabilitates.

Burton says, “I take the horses that no one else wants to ride — or with severe behavior issues — and train them. The results speak for themselves.” She adds, “I’m here to show others that despite the odds, you don’t need money to do well in the horse world and to look professional — you just need hard work and dedication.”

Among all the horses she has worked with, she is very close to Banjo. Banjo travels with her and holds the key to her heart. They take incredible jumps without a bridle or saddle. Watch this video showing them working together. Do tell us know how you felt watching it through your comments!

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