9 Yr Old’s Audition Left The Entire Audience In Shock. When You See Her Talent? Unbelievable!

Have you ever listened to the music and got completely covered in goosebumps in an instance? Well… nine year old Amira Willighagen’s audition was the one for me! During the Holland’s Got Talent’s audition, Amira walked onstage and left millions in shivers through her incredible rendition of “O Mio Babbino Caro”.

At first when Amira walked onstage, everyone awed. She was adorable and even judges thought she was going to sing a cute kiddie song. However, they were very wrong! She started singing an opera classic and left everyone with jaw wide open. When asked, Amira told the judges that she learned to sing entirely from watching youtube videos. Her brother played violin and she wanted to have a hobby of her own and decided to pick singing. And that is when her journey began!

Amira won the season title and toured the world, and wherever she went, she left everyone enthralled. You HAVE to see this amazing audition. How did you feel listening to her voice? Drop your thoughts via comments!

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