9 Yr Old Left EVERYONE Stunned When She Sang THIS Classic Hit From 1959. Breathtaking!

Angelina Jordan has been rocking the world ever since she won ‘The Norway Got Talent’ in 2014. Even though she was just 8 years old back then, she won everyone’ heart with her incredible voice and left her every competitor sweating on every stage. Now she is 10 years old and is roaming around the world enthralling the crowd everywhere.

According to her website, she discovered YouTube when she was just 18 months old. It also says that she used to sing along with Whitney Houston when she was just a toddler. Because of this constant practice and passion, she developed a marvelous voice. But when she grew up, she started listening to Billie Holiday and other Jazz musician which ultimately became her inspiration.

This video below features one of her recent live performances, i.e. in December of 2015, at a Singapore TV. Here, we see her covering Dinah Washington’s “What a Difference a Day Makes”. Isn’t that incredible? Let us know via comments!

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