She Took Her Horse On The Field. But When He Started Doing This On The Floor, I Lost It!

Farting publicly is not acceptable in our society. However, you may all have had that situation when you absolutely can’t take control of it because of the stomach problem. This poor horse in the video below is in same situation. He was starved at his previous owner’s house and because of that he has a very serious digestive problem. In this video, this horse is farting in order to let all the gas out of his system and to gain a healthy digestive system again.

The horse featured in the video below is called Archy. After his rescue from the abused and tortured life, he has been living in Blossom Valley at the “Rocking Horse Ranch”. He really loves living here and is very healthy. But the only problem that is still left is his intestinal issue. Poor horse has to take his time out to pass gas out of his system.

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