Dad Told Him Not To Talk Back To An Adult. What THIS Puppy Did In Response? Hilarious!

It’s my favorite thing to write about: Dogs. Such magnificent creatures. There are quite a few breeds of dogs out there. But Huskies have got to take the award for being the most talkative ones. Be it Misha the amazing talking husky, or any other husky on the internet you can find. They all have one thing in common. They cannot for the love of God be quiet. And that makes them even more precious.

This video features Aaron Dissell and his little bundle of joy husky, Sky. While chilling on the couch Sky started to bark at Aaron out of the blue. While the conversation between Sky and Aaron continues to go back and forth we are all left bewildered at this Husky’s adorableness. Even when Aaron tells her to shut up she won’t have any of it. Stick around to the end of the video to learn what Sky does after admitting defeat. It’s hysterical.

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