This White Lion Was Living In Severe Pain, Until THIS Man Came And Did The UNTHINKABLE! Whoa!

Aslan is a white lion who is featured in the video below. He is a very ferocious lion, but last year he lost his major canines when he fought with some of the lions of his pride. Because of this loss, he hadn’t been fully able to restore the strength of his teeth and was in intense pain since the incident.

Kevin Richardson, also famously known as the Lion Whisperer, wanted to help Aslan restore his strength. Kevin and a team of doctors gathered together for a tough 6 hours of operation. The operation was a success and soon enough, this team was able to release Aslan back to his prideful pride. Even though we don’t normally get to see lions embracing each other after a long separation, in this video Aslan can be observed being caressed by his fellow mates in the jungle.

Watch this wonderful video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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