Momma Elephant Is Teaching Her Baby To Bath. But Then? Aww…I Couldn’t Stop Grinning!

Do you remember how bathing on our own used to be such a huge deal when we were young? Everything did change once adulthood kicked in, but those times were really special. The way our parents would bath us during our initial years was special in its own. Even after growing up they would always make sure that they have a check on us if we had washed everything properly or not.

Well it seems humans aren’t just the ones who have problem with learning to bath, animals go through this too. This baby elephant featured in the video seems to be quite confused because of the entire thing. His momma wants to teach him how to take bath but the poor baby seems very confused.

Most probably he is wondering why he isn’t fitting inside the bucket. I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched this video. Watch this cute video and tell us if it took you back to your childhood. We would love to know.

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