He Was Feeding A Flock Of Bald Eagles. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Eagle On The Left! OMG!

You can see the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States of America, on many official seals, including the presidential seal and flag. This species was about to get extinct, but after a lot of effort, they have been marked off the list of endangered species. These eagles are incredible hunters. This video shares their “hunting” moment at a harbor.

An Alaskan fisherman, Jessie Peek, notices a lot of bald eagles during his fishing trips. So whenever he makes the trip, he brings them a bowl of snacks. As you see in the video, these birds flock around him to enjoy tasty treats. But what I found strange is that none of the birds fought among themselves while Jessie was feeding them. You can’t help but consider the man lucky for getting a chance to feed a flock of eagles!

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