This Christmas Commercial Is Banned. When You Find Out Why You’ll Be In Hysterics! LOL!

We are getting to see a lot of creative ads in the past couple of years. I am sure you have seen quite a few unique ads yourself. This video is one of those adverts. It was released for the Christmas of 2015. Canadian ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo requested a talented percussionist to make a guest appearance in their video.

Jorge Pérez, better known as the Crazy Butt Drummer, made quite an impression on Ukraine’s Got Talent. On this commercial, he shows us his arrangement of “Jingle Bells” with an unexpected twist ending. Some people have said this advert to be “rude” or “sexist,” but Zulu Alpha Kilo insists that it was all in good fun. They issued the following press release:

“Zulu has always been committed to supporting charitable causes and making contributions important to our team. In order to stay true to who we are as a company, we often do this in a cheeky and memorable way. The intent of this year’s holiday video is to show our support to Colon Cancer Canada. We assure you we are ‘equal bum opportunists.’ The video features both male and female models.”

Watch this video below! What did you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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