When He Dropped His Weapons & Ran Into This River, I Had No Idea He Would Do THIS Next! Omg!

Euphrates River is the only river that is mentioned in both the first and last book of the Christian bible. It is located a bit outside the Rawah Anbar province in Iraq. Because this location is captured by the extremists and there is ongoing war, people rarely get to visit this holy river. However, at a foggy morning a group of soldiers dared to go to the river and get oneself baptized.

Stephen Stormberg and his unit was always surrounded by the possibility of terrifying attacks by the enemies. However, one morning, they got the chance to do something that they never thought to do even in their dreams. They picked a foggy morning and went to the Euphrates river side in order to be properly baptized in this holy river.

The moment they stepped inside the river, I was totally moved. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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