19-year-old dog can’t walk by himself, but he still cares for elderly patients at a hospice

Humans aren’t the only beings capable of love and compassion. In fact his best friend, the dog is capable of far more love and compassion than him. A dog loves its people more than it loves oneself. Now, if that isn’t the epitome of unconditional love I really do not know what is. Nay, I wish not to know what is. The video below features a service dog. Actually, the oldest service dog in the world. His name is Baxter and he is 19 and a half years old.

Baxter spent the majority of his life bringing joy and happiness in the lives of critically ill patients. Now he is unable to walk and nearing his own mortality. However, that hasn’t stopped him from doing his job. Baxter’s owner push him around in a wagon and when patients want to get close to Baxter then he’s lifted up to their bedside. It is truly amazing to see the love this Service dog has for humans and to see the patients faces light up when they see Baxter.

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