A Couple Lost Their Startled Dog In The Woods. But 2 Years Later? Watch What They Discover!

When Georgia resident Ted was travelling with his dog, Bear, they came across a small accident. Ted accidentally rear-ended another driver. Startled by this, Bear ran towards the wood leaving Ted baffled. Ted spent around 12 hours searching for his dog, but he couldn’t find him. Ted and his wife Kelly had always treated Bear as their own child, so they were devastated to lose Bear. But what they didn’t know was the miracle that was going to fall upon them years later.

2 years after the incident, Kelly and Ted was reunited with Bear again. Apparently two women in Marietta had found Bear roaming around in the junkyard. They weren’t a professional rescuers so they only fed Bear two times per day for a whole year. Later they took a chance to capture Bear and when they were finally able to, they found the microchip on Bear and ultimately found Bear’s true owners.

Watch this touching story in the video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

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