A Huge Bear Wanders Around His Yard, But Then? I Can’t Believe THIS! UNREAL!

What would you do if you ever see a wild animal in your backyard? I would surely shut off the lights and hide into a corner as soon as I would even sense anything like this. But the case surely wouldn’t have been same if I would have seen an animal as peculiar as Pedals.

Pedals, the famous black bear is somewhat of a celebrity in a New Jersey neighborhood. The bipedal bear walks around on his hind legs just like a human. For someone who is seeing Pedals for the first time, might actually get intrigued by this sight. His posture and walking manner can confuse people as they might interpret it as a man walking around in a bear costume.

Pedal is missing part of his front, right leg and his front left paw is injured as well. Due to all this, the bear has adapted and learned to walk upright in order to survive. Fund was raised to get him transferred to the Orphaned Wildlife Center when he was spotted for the first time, but the Division of Fish and Wildlife was convinced that he would be better off in his natural environment.

However everyone feared if he could make it through the winter. And thankfully he did! He was last seen in late December 2015 healthy and fine. Watch this beautiful clip and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments!

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