Poor Bear Was Helplessly Stuck In This Bucket. Now Wait Till You See WHO Comes For His Rescue!

Bears are certainly adorable and fluffy creatures, but it is not wise to approach one in the wild. As lovely as they look with their fur, they are vicious and really strong as well. But what would you do if you came across one? Of course it would be a terrifying experience. But what if the poor thing is stuck into something?

This video below features a bear who had his head stuck in a bucket for a whole month. Poor thing was probably searching for a food when he found himself stuck and couldn’t get out of the trouble. Fortunately, his guardian angels were one their way to rescue him. This group of people had apparently saw the picture of this bear stuck in the bucket and decided to help. They tracked him down and finally got close enough to rescue him.

Watch how they rescue this poor fellow. Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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