She Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die. When This Man Went To Offer His Prayers? I’m In Tears!

This video shows a heart touching story of a poor dog who was found lying unconscious in the middle of the road and a kind man named David Loop who proved what humanity means through his incredible deeds. When David was driving along the road, he found a little dog lying at the middle of the road. He felt that she had lost her life but his heart didn’t let him leave her that way so he decided to move her to the other side of the road.

He moved her to the side of the road and performed a silent prayer for her. Just when he was about to leave, the poor dog blinked. Without wasting any time he went back to his car brought a blanket and took the dog to his vet. The dog was still alive but barely breathing. As he had been through cases like this, he felt she wouldn’t make it.

When he asked his vet about her chances to live, the vet informed him that the chances existed but were very rare. As the doctor informed him that she needed 24 hours care, he immediately took her to California vet specialist in Ontario, CA. It was very difficult to see the poor dog in pain. David gradually was losing hope but then a much needed miracle happened.

Watch this video to know the rest of the story. Please tell us how you felt watching it through your comments.

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