Mom Gave Birth To These Rare Twin Foals. What Happened 4 Days Later? Whoa!

This video below features two adorable newborn Belgian draft foals who are spending time with their mother. These foals are just 4 days old, and they are really attached to their mother. They are also energetic and playful. At one point they are joined in by a little girl who pets them and bestow all her love. Even though these foals are young, they no doubt understand the importance of being gentle around little humans.

Belgian draft horses are the horse breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium. They are known as one of the strongest of the heavy breed horses. They are huge in size, i.e. they stand between 66 and 68 inches and an average Belgian horse grows to weigh slightly over 900 kilograms.

Watch this twin along with their proud mom. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about these horses in the comments below!

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