Dad Starts To Dance In The Middle Of The Station. But His Daughter’s Response SHOCKED Me!

Flash mob is really popular now-a-days. Even though it has a more revolutionary background, today its face has changed. Many company has used it to promote their product and even for some social causes. It is really a harmless experiment and everybody seem to love this idea very much. Even internet is in love with flash mobs!

This video below features a flash mob which was organized at the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium. It was the promotional campaign for a Belgian TV program. They were looking for someone to play the leading role in a Belgian musical of “The Sound of Music”. Almost 200 dancers came together for this promotional program and they performed an amazing rendition of “Do Re Mi” in 2009.

Watch this stunning flash mob in the video below. Did you find it entertaining? Let us know in the comments section below!

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