This Husky Hasn’t Met Her Best Friend In A Long Time. Now Watch When She Looks Out The Door…

Dogs are amazing animals; they have the ability to understand other creatures and befriend almost anyone they meet. They get along well with others dogs even if they are from different breeds. I am sure you have noticed pooches getting extremely excited when they get a chance to play with other dogs. This video shows two adorable dogs playing with each other.

Mishka, the “talking” husky, is already a huge thing on the internet. This pooch rose to fame when her owner shared a video of her “talking.” Did any of you know that she has a sister called Laika? When Laika was little, she met a puppy called Rock. They were the best of friends as puppies, and now as you see in the video, their love for each other has only grown!

Watch the video below. What did you think of Laika and Rock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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