3 School Boys Rape A Helpless Dog During A Hunting Trip

In this world there are many things we wish were just not true. Some titles on the internet, we wish are trolls. Sadly, what we are reporting today is a true incident that went down in South Africa. 3 boys have admitted to raping a dog while out on a hunting trip. The owner had apparently let them take the dog out on the hunting trip where the preceding act took place. The boys told their story to a friend in school. Thankfully the friend was someone with the least bit of humanity/common sense. He reported it to school authorities who have since then notified the parents as well.

Spokesperson for SPCA, Michael Motloung has reported that the boys have been charged with animal cruelty. Official authorities are working for a maximum punishment sentence. The dog was seen by a vet however, no reports have been made public as of now. We just hope this poor soul survives this trauma and his later days are filled with joy. While the perpetuators are dealt with in the most severe of manners.

Just take a look at this poor soul:

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