They Sang THIS Together 45 Years Ago. But When They Sing It For The Last Time, I’m MOVED!

Simon and Garfunkel has long since been separated and gone to their own paths. They were one of the most incredible duos in the whole world and we never got to see someone as great as them. But even though their team got separated because of various issues, they time and again came back together, shared a stage to present the enchanting and memorable performances. This video below is one of them!

In the following video, we see Simon and Garfunkel singing one of their most renowned song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” after 45 years of its released. They performed together for the last time at the 25th Anniversary rock and roll hall of fame concert. This song was originally included in their fifth studio album which was released as a single in the early 1970s. This song also instantly got famous and bagged 13 Grammy awards.

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