They Let Their Bird Watch ‘Star Wars’. But They Never Thought He Would Learn This From It!

You’ll hardly find a person who haven’t watched or heard about ‘star wars’. With the new movie ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ set to release in December of 2015, a lot of us are impatiently waiting for it to hit the theaters. There are a lot of fans of this movie but I never expected a bird to be THIS crazy about a sci-fi movie!

This video features a little blue and white budgie who is absolutely enthralled to know that his favorite movie is going to be released soon. His owners taught him how to do R2D2 imitation and according to dad, now he drives everyone crazy with his epic R2D2 imitation. You’ll be amazed to see this bird mimicking the exact sound of R2D2 in the video below!

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