Bulldog gets a new bed, then mom catches his hilarious reaction

Remember back when you were a little kid and you would jump around your bed until it creaked something bad? You assumed it was a huge trampoline didn’t you? Well this cute little puppy featured in the video below has similar sentiments to most of us! This tiny guy is just four months old and he received a Memory Foam bed as a gift from his parents! By the looks of it, he loves it!

Chunks reaction to his brand new bed is ridiculously adorable and hilarious at the same time! To show his appreciation, he jumps and does some flips as well! The poor pup even flops down due to his uncontainable excitement! At one point he goes back to check out his old bed, but his new one is too tempting!

Watch Chunk’s reaction to his new bed in the video below. Did this crack you up? Let us know in the comments!

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