She Wants Her Bulldog To Get Down From The Couch. But You’ll Never Believe Her Reason Behind It!

Children are so adorable. Even when they are frustrated and angry, they just look so cute. This little toddler in the video below is the same. She is angry about her bulldog capturing her favorite spot on the couch. To remove the dog from her spot she argues with him. However, what comes out of this toddler’s mouth is just too adorable!

Dad took out his camera as soon as he saw his little baby having this conversation with the bulldog. This toddler starts accusing the bulldog about something and wants him to get down of the couch. But when you listen carefully, all you hear is grumping sound and random noises from this little baby. This bulldog too doesn’t understand what his little human is trying to say and just sits there in confusion.

Check out this hilarious baby in the video below. Did this make you laugh? Write us your comments below!

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