Dog Saw An Elephant On TV. But When He Started Imitating Him, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

I am sure everyone will agree with me when I say dogs are one of the funniest creatures on this planet. All the hilarious dog videos on the internet support this statement. The pooch in the video below is another one of those funny dogs. What he does when he sees an elephant on TV, will surely get you smiling from ear to ear!

This bulldog is named Fred. He seems to be enjoying watching TV on his free time. That’s when a commercial for paper towels pops up and shows an elephant making a loud noise. After seeing this, Fred starts bellowing. He tries his best to imitate the elephant, and I must say, he does a pretty good impression. Just wait till you see this adorable dog!

Watch this video below! Did this dog crack you up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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