5 Girls In Pigtails Sing This In Front The Crowd And Leave Everyone In Chills! Amazing!

This video below features 5 adorable cuties who are very talented in their field. This group like to call themselves “Cactus Cuties” and all of them have a very angelic voice. In the following clip, we see these young girls singing our National Anthem and it will just leave you in goosebumps.

Cactus Cuties got their name from their home-town theater ‘Cactus Theatre’. They used to perform in this theater from Lubbock, Texas and enthrall everyone. Recently though, they have spread their wings and have gained larger audience. After their performance of Star-Spangled Banner went viral in the internet, everyone praised their talent. During this performance, these girls were from 8-13 age range. Now they are all teenagers and have already released a studio album, a DVD and even a photo book.

Watch this incredible video below. Did you enjoy it? Share your views in the comments!

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