Sadistic Man Forces His Dog To Live Inside A Rusty Cage. But When They Rescued Her? TOUCHING!

We still hear about a lot of cases relating to the cruelty of animals. When will people realize that they have nothing to gain by harming animals? Take a look at this poor dog named Liszka. Since she was a puppy, she was forced to live in a tiny rusty cage surrounded by her own droppings. Her legs were starting to fail because of the lack of use.

Liszka lived a terrible life because of her owner. She would probably have stayed in the rusty cage her entire life if a group of rescuers didn’t come across her. Her owner didn’t approve the rescuers’ actions and showed so much aggression that they had to call the police for help. But despite what happened, Liszka is in good hands now. Doctors say that she will soon regain her strength. As for the abusive owner, he is facing animal abuse charges for what he did.

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