Two Calves Were Used for Medical Experiments Then Rescued! See Who Found Them!

Calves or cows are mainly used for their meat, milk, or just farmer helpers. They are strong animals which could carry heavy loads and that is why they are often used in farms. But these calves were abused and imprisoned in a medical laboratory. Are you wondering why they were being kept there?

The calve’s blood was used in formulating medicines which only the laboratory staff knows what. These poor calves grew weak and nobody was there to help them out. Until one day, they were being rescued by a group of people concerned about their welfare. Zeus and Hayden were taken out from that dreadful place, but Zeus was too weak to live longer. Sadly, only Hayden lives now and has a happy life where he was being cared for and far from human abuse.

Watch the whole video to see how Hayden lives his life now!

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