He Missed His Favorite Toy. Now Watch THIS Lion’s Reaction When He Was Reunited With It—OMG!

Evolution is amazing. Dogs exist as a result of years of evolution. Their behavior has totally changed over the centuries, but dogs still share a lot in common with their ancestors, wolves. Similarly, our house cats descended from wilder bigger cats and both species share many similar traits. You’ve probably seen your cat do some hilarious antics, but have you seen a lion do the same?

Cameron the lion loved his yellow tube toy, but after a lot of wear and tear, the toy was taken away from him. He was sad to have his best toy taken away, but his keepers had a special surprise for him. He was gifted a spanking new version of the same toy. The lion’s joy knew no bounds—look at how playful he suddenly got! You can see he was clearly over the moon with his gift!

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