If You Ever Park Your Car In Front Of A Fire Hydrant, This Is What Will Happen To You

In 2013, the fire department of Merced, California went viral for what it did. Not because of a fire they extinguished, but because of the way they did it. An inconsiderate driver had placed his car in front of a hydrant. His car blocking the hydrant, should a fire start. Then unluckily, a fire broke out in a house nearby.

The fire engineer had no options but to throw the hose directly through the car, shattering both the windows while doing so. Deputy Chief of the Department, Don Long told the CNN “He just took his hydrant wrench and took out the driver’s side, walked over took out the passenger side.” I don’t think the driver, after all, that happened, will be parking his vehicle in front of a hydrant again!

Watch this video below! Do you think the fire engineer did the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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