She’s Trying To Hide Her Face From The Cameras. When Mama Started To Talk, I Found Out Why! LOL!

The Carol Burnett Show used to be very popular decades ago, and even now people still admire her witty humors in the show. Her show used to be the soul of the television and many people would leave everything to just watch her show. This video below is one of the funniest blooper reels of this show which was shot during “Mama’s Family”.

Even though Carol steals the spotlight in every episode, in this video Tim Conway is no doubt steals all the fame. He goes on and on about his crazy story about an elephant in a circus and doesn’t let them shoot the scene until he finishes his story. His story was so hilarious that none of his cast-mates could stay in the character. Everyone was laughing uncontrollably at Tim’s story but then Vickie Lawrence said something even more hilarious!

Watch this hilarious blooper in the video below. Do you remember this episode? Do let us know in the comments!

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