Poor Puppy Born With Rare Condition Was About To Be Put Down. But What This Lady Did Next?

Swimmer’s Syndrome is a rare developmental disorder that occurs in puppies and kittens. This leaves their legs splayed laterally, making them unable to move. Breeders who get puppies with Swimmer’s Syndrome usually euthanize them, since they can’t be sold. The poor pup in the following video was also about to have the same fate.

Casper the white husky was almost about to be put down. His breeders were very close to euthanizing him. Thankfully, a kind lady came to help him out. He was very weak, and she was not sure if he would be able to survive even through the night. The next day, he was much better. Casper improved drastically after months of therapy—you can’t believe it’s even the same dog!

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