Mama Cat Adopted 3 Little Ducklings Just Hours After Giving Birth Herself!

I have come across a lot of unusual pairs while surfing the internet. But this is video is truly something else entirely! Cats and ducklings! Can you even imagine?! As it turns out, this could be a very cute combo. This video will show you why. When some ducklings went missing on an Irish farm, the farmer thought a cat got them. But what he found out next is really astounding.

He found the ducklings snuggled up to a mama cat, right beside her kittens! And surprisingly, the cat was breastfeeding the tiny ducks! Ducklings don’t breastfeed, as they are self-sufficient from birth itself. The cat and the ducklings are very comfortable with each other. This adorable and strange bond between these animals considered “mortal enemies” will definitely steal your heart!

Watch the video below! Did you enjoy this story? Let us know in the comments section!

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