When He Approaches This Tiny Fawn, Keep Your Eyes On This Cat’s Paw. What He Does? Funny!

What would you feel if an unexpected guest appeared at your house? Of course you would be confused! It is not that you don’t want the company, but everyone has their own schedule and unexpected plan can sometimes make you irritated. This cat was feeling the same when he walked out to his porch and found an unexpected guest waiting for him!

This little kitty saw a baby deer resting at his porch. He was expecting to play by himself on the porch but apparently his plan was dismantled by this sudden guest. Of course, this kitty was meeting a fawn for the first time so he was curious as well. So, as soon as he got out in the porch, he started to inspect this stranger.

This will leave you smiling for sure. Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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