This Kitty Thought That Her Owner Was Drowning In The Bathtub. So What She Did In Response? Aww!

Many of us want to relax in the bathtub after a hard day at work. But our pets don’t seem to agree with our method at all. As you know, most animals hate getting wet. But it turns out that they don’t want to see their owners getting into the water as well. Just wait till you see what this adorable kitten does when mom gets into the bathtub!

This feline sees her owner in the bathtub. However, her reaction is something, none of us would ever expect. She starts panicking, as she thinks that her mom was drowning. She meows and does everything she can to rescue her owner. Even though she didn’t get to save her owner, she did manage to prove a lot of people wrong, by showing that cats are affectionate animals.

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