A Cat With No Ears Finds A Loving Home and The Best Mom!

Cats are such adorable furry creatures and we love to have them as pets. they also love to cuddle and lay on a couch or a bed when they don’t feel like playing around the house. That’s how a regular cat usually does from day to day. But what if a cat is in pain? What if some part of their body had to be cut off just to let them live? this was what happened to this cat who was attacked by a disease which caused him to be earless.

The cat at that the time that he was sick couldn’t move much because he was in pain and very weak. He got lucky to be cared for by people who have such big hearts. Watch how this cat survived his sickness and how he ended up with the best Mom ever! Have you seen a sick cat before? How do you feel when animals are sick? Do you feel the urge to help them get well? Share to us your thoughts about sick animals who need some love.

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