This Feline Wants To Figure Out How A Printer Works. So What He Does? I Didn’t See THAT Coming!

I am sure every cat owner will agree with me when I say that cats are weird creatures. Sometimes they want to cuddle, but other times they show aggression when we get close. Maybe they are just a little hard to get. But that’s what most of us love about them. Their aloof nature makes them one of the funniest animals ever. Just take a look at the cat in the video below!

This cat is curious about what’s happening with the printer. He wants to figure out what a printer is and why it “eats” so many papers. So to solve this mystery, he starts smacking the printer. He shows no signs of giving up until he figures out the answer. When you watch him towards the end of the video, you’ll surely end up smiling from ear to ear!

Watch this video below! Did he crack you up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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