This Poor Dog Was Held Captive For 10 Yrs With No One To Interact With. But Then? Heartrending!

We all know how unbearable it is to sit in one spot without having anything to do. Most of us get bored after just an hour of sitting on the couch. This poor dog had to spend ten long years by herself. She had no blanket, no toys, and no human interaction whatsoever. Just thinking about how she spent time all alone, breaks my heart.

This pooch did not even have a place that could shelter her from the snow and sleet. But what’s even worse is that her owners would urinate on her from the porch. Can you believe these sick people? You would think that British Columbia SPCA would take some sort of action. But no; they have been getting calls for the past ten years, and have done nothing for her. Animal Advocates of British Columbia, at last, took the matter into their hands and treated the dog.

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