Dog was about to be put down, then a groomer shaved his fur and saved his life

In most of the overcrowded animal shelters, dogs are often put down if they are not adopted in a definite time. Charlie, this dog in the video below who was found on the side of the road, wandering the streets alone was also about to be put down when he was not adopted by anyone. He was brought to a LA Area Shelter, but unluckily, this shelter was an overcrowded and high-kill facility.

Due to his matted and tangled fur, Charlie looked unattractive for the adopting families. Fortunately, a Hollywood Groomer walked in and changed his life forever. This Groomer decided to give Charlie a makeover. She washed him and shaved all his fur. Finally, Charlie got the look everyone would desire to have.

After he was groomed, Charlie was adopted within two days. Watch the transformation of a homeless dog in the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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