He Was Taking A Nap On The Ground. But What THAT Cheetah Did To Him Next? WHOA!

Working with the wildlife is dangerous. Your life may be at risk if you come face to face with a wild animal. But leaving the dangers aside, working in this field can be quite rewarding too. You may end up witnessing some of the most beautiful animals in person. Take a look this man for instance. He would never have expected this to have happened in his wildest dreams!

Dolph Volker, a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience, works to preserve the population of cheetahs. For those of you who don’t know, cheetahs can be extremely shy and may not respond that well to humans. But Dolph has been working in this organization for months. He has managed to gain the confidence of these animals. Watch Dolph spending time with a cheetah in the video below!

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