Bird Stuns the Judges With What It Can Play on the Keyboard

They couldn’t believe their eyes and the ears when the chicken finally started pecking on the keyboard and played a tune! This amazing chicken, owned by two ladies who are so passionate about animals and believes in Jogku’s talent. Jogku was just an ordinary backyard chicken eating bugs and worms until her “parents” took Jogku to music lessons. She started playing the xylophone, then after a year, she made it into playing the keyboard.

Pecking is a natural thing to do for chickens like Jogku, but this natural act has brought out a musical talent out! Jogku’s owners even want to create a chicken band, of course with Jogku as the one on the keyboard. The judges did more than approve of Jogku’s talent, they were astonished! Watch and be amazed! Don’t yawn yet at the beginning and watch on!

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