2 Teddy Bears Were Seen Wandering Around The Airport. Now Watch What Happened Next—Heart-touching!

The holiday season is near. Most of us are thinking of heading back home to meet up with our families. Heathrow Airport, in an effort to get us all in the holiday spirit, has made its very first Christmas commercial. This clip shows a couple reuniting with their families at this time of year. Be prepared because this just might be the sweetest thing you’ve watched this year.

Two teddy bears get off the plane and make their way through the airport. All the people they see while heading towards the exit, are clearly caught up in the hospital spirit. Finally, at the end of the video, the identity of the teddy bears is revealed. This commercial will surely touch your heart and might even move some of you to tears.

Watch the video below! What did you feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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