Autistic And Blind Boy Comes Onstage. But When He Sings This Song? It Broke My Heart!

Christopher Duffley, who was born in 2001, hadn’t had his life easy. He was born blind and suffers from autism. He was given up by his mom, a drug addict, just after his birth. Fortunately, one of the family members didn’t want him to suffer in foster system and adopted him into his own family. But even with such a harsh beginning, Christopher had a whole lot of courage to pull of his life together and bring out the talent he was born with.

Christopher is a natural singer. Even at a very young age, he could manipulate his voice to perform soothing song that would touch anyone’s heart. In the video below, we see him singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” for a live audiences and his voice is just thrilling.

Such a heartwarming performance! What do you think about this? Let us know via comments!

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