Tiny toddler was pulling at her horse, then tries her best to rein him

The following video shows an incredibly cute friendship unlike any you have ever seen before! The two stars of the clip are the little girl Emma and her four-legged friend Cinnamon. I really can’t figure out which one of them is cuter! Horses are known to be gentle and the way in which this mustang accepts the little girl is heart melting!

This adorable duo is out for a walk in the snow along with Emma’s dad. He helps them through the way and also asks his baby girl a series of questions. You won’t be able to hold back your “awwws” when you see how sweetly Emma answers them all! Emma and Cinnamon’s interaction is the cutest thing ever!

Watch the video below. How did you feel watching it? Don’t forget to share what you thought in the comments!

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